Air Filtration


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One important factor to consider when breeding indoors is the air Quality! Outdoors fresh air is always blowing away dust and dander from the birds that build up in their nests, but without a filtration system indoors, it tends to make them sluggish and non productive.

I found through much research and expense that the cheapest way to clean the air was a simple 20 inch box fan with a 20 inch electrostatic filter and a hog hair filter cut down to the same size. You can use a little duct tape to attach them to the back of the fan.

First, add the electrostatic filter, which will catch the fine particles, then add the hog hair filter which will catch all the bigger dust and dander particles. We researched this in so much detail that for over 5 years we had several Avian Environmental Control Systems we built which attached either on the back of or underneath the cage.

They were called The Danderlion. They ate dander like a lion was our motto back then. We bought, tried and tested virtually every type of filter media available on the market for over 5 years on African Grey’s, then built a filtration system and patented the idea as an Avian Environmental control System.

A business partner of mine was familiar with working with and bending metal at a local heating and air shop. After it was known what filter media we would use, we started building prototypes and testing them. Our best model, which was our last, was the cleaner cage system which drew air quietly through the bottom tray of the cage into a filter you changed once a week. When I retired, even though the business was making money, I could not find anyone that wanted to take it over, so the business closed after 5 short years.

For those of you who might have a 15 year old Bird Talk Magazine laying around, you can find one of our ads there. The filter media combination we found worked the best for bird dander was a hog hair filter to catch the heavy dander and the electrostatic filter to catch the finer dust which bacteria floats around on.


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