Cage Placement


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Just as important as the choice of the cage itself is the location of the cage in your home. Your Quaker will without question enjoy being located near a good sized window where he can observe the activities outdoors. The cage should be placed so that it receives only partial sunlight as opposed to full sunlight to prevent him from becoming overheated, and should be located away from exterior doorways in order to avoid sudden extreme temperature changes, especially during the winter months when drafts are almost certainly unavoidable. Birds can also play more safely on top of their cages when they are places away from exits.

If you have cats, dogs or other pets, your cage placement becomes even more critical. Free-standing cages should be heavy enough to prevent tipping by rambunctious dogs or predatory cats. Tabletop models must be kept out of reach is inquisitive paws. People who have cats as well as birds should place bird cages on stands, pedestals or tables that are too narrow to accommodate both cat and cage.

Light or medium weight cages can be suspended from ceilings; that way they are completely inaccessible to four-footed pets. Do not place cages on top of appliances, video recorders or television sets. The potential for heat fluctuations or electrical shock, and the possibility that seed and other debris will fall into the electronic devices make these items unsuitable as cage stands. If at all possible, place the cage on the hard floor as opposed to carpeting. Dried bird food and droppings are easier to remove from a hard surface than from the fibers of carpet.

The walls adjacent to a cage are subject to all kinds of splattering. Walls painted with a semi-gloss paint are much easier to clean than those painted with a flat wall paint. Check for accessibility to an electrical outlet. You will probably be vacuuming more frequently in the cage area!


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