Food Bowls & Lighting


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In a breeding situation the parents can become very aggressive when laying and caring for their babies so having to put your hands in the cage is not a good idea. I found that metal rabbit feeders (pictured below) worked real well. All you have to do is drop the food in the top of the feeder which is outside the cage and they are made of metal so the birds can’t chew them up. Metal rabbit feeders are the best choice for breeding Quaker pairs in my opinion. They can be easily found at tractor supply stores or on

When breeding Quakers indoors, adjustments need to be made to ensure proper lighting. Any windows or other sources of natural light should be covered or otherwise blocked to prevent the Quakers from becoming confused. Quakers who are subjected to natural lighting only will normally produce about twice a year. The use of artificial lighting at scheduled intervals will make the birds believe that it is springtime all year, and they will lay accordingly.

Full spectrum lighting such as Vitalites should be used to provide 16 hours of light per day. This will trigger the birds to produce an average of five to seven clutches per year. The lights should be put on a timer to ensure that the full 16 hours of light is provided at regular intervals. Concerns regarding over breeding are not necessary as Quakers are famous for being prolific breeders in their natural habitat, and they will breed and raise several clutches before taking a break (usually lasting 2-3 months)


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