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Author Topic: A really nice cage for our Quaker  (Read 792 times)

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A really nice cage for our Quaker
« on: May 23, 2016, 12:49:50 AM »
We have had one of these cages for over 10 years and are very happy with it. The play-top is where our Quaker is 90% of the time. For the money it will last a long time. Ours still looks new every time it's washed. The front door has a huge opening so it's easy to remove the bird. You can move the food and water cups to the top area of the cage when open. Overall for the money it is the best cage in its price range. As good as it still looks, we will have it for years to come. 

The only con we have with it is if you slide it across carpet very fast the bottom square pops out and you have to reach down and put it back in place. If your on a tile floor then no problem.

    Large swing out door (12.25" x 16.5"), Color: Black
    2 Easy access feeder doors (4.25 x 7 ) with door pins
    2 Feeder Cups with Feeder Doors (5 Diameter x 3 Height), 3 Perches, Pull Out Plastic Tray and Metal Grate
    Dimension: 24 Length x 16 Depth x 53 Height, Cage Only: 24 Length x 16 Length x 30 Height, Bar Spacing: 5/8 Casters

We bought ours off Amazon for $119.00 at the time but now they are cheaper 10 years later. lol

Here is the link with all the info:

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