Killing the sale!


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If you have a mate that knows very little about birds, it is probably a good idea to keep them away during the sale. All breeders have birds that bite and birds that don’t, and only they know for sure which ones are which. When I used to import birds back in the day, I would buy umbrella and goffin cockatoos. I would tame them down and then sell them. One batch I ordered had an older goffin in it that was not going to tame down for nothing. He would just as soon try to rip your finger off than look at ya. He would have made a good breeder, but I digress.

I had several already tamed cockatoos sitting around on perches in my really nice heated and aired garage just waiting to be sold. Well, I felt sorry for the wild cockatoo, so I let him sit on the perches with the others. I knew which one he was, because he would scream at you when you got too close then jump off the perch and run to the corner of the room until I left the perch area. Only then would he go back over and climb back up the perch again. The only problem was when that bird jumped down, all the other birds would freak out and jump down on the floor as well. On day two of letting the wild guy out, an older lady was walking by and saw me holding one of my birds. It was a pet goffin cockatoo I owned. I told her I had some in the garage for $300.00 and she was very interested.

I told her about the birds flying to the floor because of the one wild bird, but told her I would just pick her one up and bring it over to her. She said that was fine and I thought everything was going great. Well, right after we entered the side garage door, the birds all jumped to the floor and started running around just as planned. Just as I started to corner one, out of nowhere comes my wife saying, “Oh, are you trying to catch one of these guys?” Before I knew what was happening, I heard that little wild goffin scream and my wife say, “Gotcha!” Oops! Wrong Move! That goffin snipped her finger open then started biting through to the finger bone.

Needless to say, there was blood gushing everywhere from her hand. She was freaking out, a bird hanging off her finger. Luckily, as soon as I approached her, the bird let go and ran off again. I handed my wife a hand towel and she went back inside the house. When I turned around to look at the poor lady who was interested in buying one, she had a horrified look on her face. When I told her I had ones that didn’t bite she just said, “Oh my, I didn’t know they could byte like that. I don’t want anything that can bite like that!” Then she immediately left. So even though your mate or friend may have good intentions, it’s probably better to handle all bird sales yourself. I remember coming in the house after the lady left, and my wife was fixing her wound. She turned to me and said, “Ya, I bet I killed that sale for ya Huh?” We both just laughed over it. You can bet I learned my lesson, though, as did my wife.


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