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Quakers are the only psitticines who build communal nests, creating very complex and fascinating structures made entirely from twigs, branches, straw, leaves, and any other nesting material they may find suitable. In the wild, entire colonies of Quakers create a main nest structure, and each pair of Quakers add on to that structure, building separate chambers very much like apartments buildings that contain several apartments. Each chamber usually consists of three separate areas, with each area having a designated purpose. One area (the bedroom?0 is used for the laying and incubating of eggs.

One of natures most incredible self contained life capsules, the fertilized egg contains all of the balanced nutrients and all of the genetic material for the creation of a new life. After the eggs hatch and the chicks begin to grow, they are then moved to one of the two remaining areas. When these chicks are approximately four to five weeks old it is normal for the parents to then lay another clutch in the bedroom. The third area is often used by the parents as a Look out point to guard the nest.


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