Nurturing & Bathing


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Just as important as socialization skills, nurturing your bird will help him grow up happy and with a healthy attitude. If you have established your dominance and continued to maintain that standing you  already begun the nurturing process by teaching him that you will provide for him and keep him safe. Encourage his skills and help him to learn. Birds are highly intelligent creatures, and need stimulation to keep their minds challenged and mentally active. Provide several toys but be sure to change them around occasionally.

They get bored playing with the same things. Quakers are naturally curious—they like puzzles, and often will make up their own from the toys that you provide. Be sure that your  bird always knows that he is loved, even if he is having an off day. After all, people have bad days, why cant birds? If your bird appears to be having a bad day and  indicates that he wants to be left alone, pay attention and leave him alone. He will be grateful for your understanding.

Quakers love to bathe. Most of them will bathe in their water bowl on their own but you can use a spray bottle with water mixed with about 25% glycerin, available at any drug store. Glycerin is cheep to buy and will make their feathers look great! When using a spray bottle make sure the sprayer is set to mist and not a hard stream. Gently squeeze the spray trigger over the top of the bird keeping at least 12 inches above the bird so only the mist is reaching him and not the brunt of the spray. You can bathe the bird once or twice a week which is usually enough, although some birds like it every day.

Some people have questioned whether or not it is a good idea to let a Quaker ride on their shoulder. General consensus is that when a bird is allowed to do this he feels dominant, and problems ensure. I generally agree with this train of thought but only in relation to larger birds. Quakers are small and even riding on your shoulder will most probably not put him at an eye level which is higher than yours. Quakers are cuddlers and enjoy riding around with you. I wouldn’t consider shoulder riding a problem unless it affects your Quakers attitude concerning who the boss is.


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