Picky Eaters


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Occasionally, someone will encounter that one picky Quaker who refuses to try anything new, no matter what you offer. Unfortunately, simply offering nutritious, healthy food isn’t enough–the bird has to eat it! Adult Quakers are more resistant to new foods than young ones, simply because they are “set in their ways”. When offering new foods, remember that patience and persistent will overcome. Don’t expect immediate acceptance.

There are several different ways to introduce new foods to a Quaker who has not previously been given a nutritious diet. One way is to gradually decrease the amount of regular food while replacing it with the healthy food. Another is to mix the new food in with the regular.

The bird will pick around to find his favorite, but some of the new food will be eaten or at least tasted. Sneak attacks can be used, too. (Anything goes in the war to provide healthy, nutritious food!) Try offering the food in different forms: raw rather than cooked, chopped rather than chunks, warm rather than cold, etc.

Another, but less successful way is to completely remove the regular food and offer only the healthy food. If you choose to use this method, watch your bird’s droppings carefully. Droppings that are all-black are indicative of a starving bird, and a vet visit is needed immediately.


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