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Quakers are very intelligent animals and much of their behavior is guided or taught by their parents. Although they may be curious, their parents encourage that curiosity from the time they are born.

Baby Quakers must be taught how to be good pets with guidance from their breeders, hand feeders, and owners. As a general rule, you should spend roughly the same amount of time with your bird from the day you bring him home that you plan to spend with him in the future. Baby birds need time to explore their cages to learn where their food and water cups are kept, and to decide which toys will be designated as their favorites and which will be promptly discarded! Adult birds must learn from the very first day that playtime, visitation, and mealtimes are all on a schedule, and will be adhered to with little variation. Following these simple first rules from the beginning of your relationship will save both you and your bird a lot of frustration in the future.

Quakers learn a lot by mimicking your human behavior but you should remember that they are far from being mimics only. When you first bring your baby bird home, play with him on the floor, bed or couch. Teach him to play with toys. Show him how to climb to help develop his balancing skills. Teach him to accept new adventures and situations. Take him around the house from room to room to encourage his natural curiosity.

Allow him to perch on various pieces of furniture and become accustomed to your home and furnishings. Always keep your bird’s safety foremost in your mind and be there to protect him. Encourage him to spend some time each day playing in his cage, even if you are available to play with him. This will assist in teaching him the ability to amuse himself.

How much time is the right amount of time to spend with your new baby Quaker? Certainly more than 15 minutes but much less that 24 hours a day!


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Your article was very helpful. I had to remove my bird to another room because her was wanting my attention all the time. He did start talking early, but after I put hi m in a different place he has stopped talking. What do you think I did wrong. We sill play and he gets the ball and brings it to me.


OM nom nom nom

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