Terms of sale


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Some people who raise Quakers as a hobby may not be willing to do this—after all, most of them sell their babies for less money that what you would expect to pay for them at a pet store, and if small breeders paid for vet check-up for all of their babies, they probably would not be making much of a profit.

In this instance, some breeders may offer an alternative solution, such as replacement Quaker of your choice if the one you purchase becomes ills or dies within a specified time frame, or your money refunded. The offer or acceptance of any alternative arrangements should also be considered before purchasing a Quaker. Whichever course you decide on, an avian check-up is mandatory!

Once you feel comfortable with your choice of a Quaker, make the seller an offer. Most stores and breeders will already have a set price, but there are some that will negotiate. You will probably need a cage, food, toys and other supplies for your new feathered friends. If you are purchasing your bird at a specialty store, ask what kind of “package deal” can be put together for your Quaker and all of its supplies.

You would be surprised at the number of pet store owners who are willing to “bargain” a package deal when the sale of a bird is involved. In the case of hand-raised baby Quaker, be sure that you know all the supplies you will need one you get it home.

This list will probably include a cage, food and water dishes, toys, a swing, pelleted food and a cage cover. You may also want to invest in portable T-stand if you plan to train your Quaker. To close the deal, obtain written instructions on diet, care, etc; and ask for a written bill of sale stating agreed-upon terms which should include:

1. The privilege to return the bird if it becomes ill within a designated time
2. Date of purchase
3. Hatch date
4. Band number
5. Amount that you paid and method of payment
6. Bird’s sex (if known) and any identifying marks


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