Toxic Plants


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This is by no means a complete list of all the plants that could cause your Quaker to become ill. To be sure, prevent your bird from eating any house plants or flower arrangement that you are unsure of.

Amaryllis Anemone
Apple (seeds) Apricot (seeds)
Autumn crocus Avocado
Azaleas Baneberry
Belladonna Bird of Paradise
Black Locust Bleeding Hearts
Bluebonnets Bottlebrush
Boxwoods Buckeye (horse chestnuts)
Bushmans poison Buttercup
Caladiums Calla Lily
Carolina Jasmine Castor Bean
Cherries (seeds and leaves) Chinaberry plant
Coral plant Crocus
Crown of Thorns Daffodils
Daphne’s Death Camas
Delphiniums Dogwood
Dumbeanes (Dieffenbachia) Elderberries
Elephant’s Ear Elderberries
False Hellebores English Laurel
Four O clocks Foxglove
Glory Lily Hemp marijuana/hashish
Hollies Horse Chestnuts
Hyacinths Hydrangea
Impatiens Iris
Ivy Jasmine, Yellow
Jerusalem Cherry Jimson Weed
Lady Slipper Laurels
Lantana Larkspur
Lily of the Valley Lobelia
Locoweed Lupine
Mescal Bean Milkbush
Milkweed Mistletoe
Mock Orange Monkshood
Morning Glories Mountain Laurel
Narcissus Naked Lady
Night blooming Jasmine Nutmeg
Oaks (acorn) Oleander
Opium Poppy Peaches (pits and leaves)
Pear (seeds Peony
Peyote Philodendrons
Plums (seeds and leaves) Poinsettias
Poison Hemlock Pokeweed
Rattlebox Rhododendrons
Rhubard (leaf blades) Rosary pea
Skyflowers Sweet Pea
Tobaccos Virginia Creeper
Water Hemlock Wisterias
Yellow Oleander Yews


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