Training Rules


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Rule number 1: NEVER HIT YOUR BIRD! Whether it be swatting with an open hand or thumping him in the beak or head with your fingers, this is the quickest way to ensure your Quaker will never really like you. This is not only cruel, it will undermine any progress you may have made with him, and teach him that you and especially your hands are not to be trusted. Quakers have a very long memory, and they will not soon forget a person who has abused them. Using physical violence to punish or discipline your bird will most certainly reward you with a bird that is distrustful and mean, and will bite you every chance he gets.

Rule number 2: You should never yell or scream at your bird. This dramatic reaction on your part is exciting to him, and he will want you to do it again, resulting in recurrences of his undesirable behavior that brought about the yelling in the first place. This is one vicious cycle that is better left unlearned.

Rule number 3: Dominance is determined by height. This is why your Quaker’s eye level should never be above yours, and no training sessions should be conducted with your bird on top of its cage, if it is above your head or in any dominant position.

Rule number 4: You should never, ever knock him off a perch, for any reason. Not only could this cause injury to him, it again will teach him that you are not to be trusted.

Rule number 5: Never lose your control. Once you lose control, your bird will think that he has won, and will continue to do whatever it was that made you lose control.

Rule number 6: Do not use water or bathing as punishment. It is dangerous and confusing to a bird for you to spray a steam of water on him that is unwelcome.


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